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Expand your library of arcane knowledge with a new set of D&D Spellbook Cards featuring new spells found in D&D Xanathar’s Guide to Everything™.

This set contains 95 durable, laminated cards that expand options for spellcasters of all types. Now Spellcasters may choose from a wide variety of new spells, ranging from useful cantrips like the befuddling Infestation to the devastating Psychic Scream. Each card is marked with symbols denoting which classes can cast the spell. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything™ and the Spellbook Cards includes all the spells previously released as part of the Elemental Evil storyline.

• Each deck contains laminated cards that players and Dungeon Masters can use as a quick reference resource.
• Save time, keep the action up, and avoid stalling the game by flipping through books.
• Expand your library of arcane knowledge with a set of D&D Spellbook Cards.

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